Maximise your HubSpot investment 

Up to 30%* of a company's MarTech stack is wasted.

The problem lies in knowing which 30%.

To help you streamline your HubSpot account and maximise ROI, we're offering a free 10-point HubSpot Audit, no strings attached.

*HubSpot data

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'Our business already uses HubSpot, 
why perform an audit?'

💰 Minimise wasted spend - 10-30% of a company's tech stack is not used, on average.

💔 Connect revenue-driving teams - help sales, marketing and CX work together to deliver results.

💫 Delight customers - not using automation means potentially missing key touch points and up-sell opportunities.

🚀 Improve productivity and growth - staff spend less time on manual tasks.

 👻 Get buy in from revenue-driving teams & increase uptake.

💥 Understand attribution and where to spend marketing budgets to deliver the most ROI.

Why crmsquad?

We're a certified HubSpot Solutions Partner agency with a difference.

We concentrate on marketing automation and revenue enablement, helping you maximise the return from your MarTech investment.


Certified HubSpot Solutions Partner

What our clients say

“The team at crmsquad has made a real impact on our business, opening up new opportunities and helping us make the most of our existing client base. The work they’ve done has led to increased revenue, as well as aligning our sales, marketing and customer success functions.”
Shaun Doak
“Problem-solving heroes – aside from knowing HubSpot like the back of her hand, Eli is a born problem-solver and her collaborative approach makes navigating CRM challenges easy! Oh, and those other things you’ve been meaning to get to, there’s a solution for them and Eli is probably already fixing those for you too! Her positive energy and can-do attitude meant that she immediately felt like part of our team. If you need an injection of efficiency so you can finally get to your to-do list, Eli should be your next call. Thank you Eli!”

Rebecca Royle,
Software Company
All the HubSpot expertise you’ll need – crmsquad has helped us effectively use HubSpot. It’s a great marketing automation tool, but it’s difficult to get started without prior knowledge of the system. Their friendly approach to training has been invaluable. They come highly recommended.”
Christian Faires
Chief Operating Officer - WorkSavvy & Aardent

"Eli and the team are a great extension to our team. They have brought a whole fresh perspective to our use of data. We are constantly changing old habits and seeing the effect this has. Our database is getting cleaner, quicker, smarter and more responsive by the day. They have helped us streamline our interactions, optimising our engagement with prospective clients. They have challenged us to look our processes which has also enabled us to save money too."

Berkeley Google PPC Black Logo Square
Caroline James
Berkeley Communications

What does our audit cover?

Our recommendations follow a deep-dive analysis of 10 vital steps.

The catch? There really isn't one! We're keen to show off what we can do, obligation-free - we're confident you'll be impressed, and if a need arises, you'll think of us.

HubSpot Setup

  • Account setup
  • Workflows: current usage and automation opportunities
  • Marketing tech stack review: to optimise and streamline
  • Properties: overview usage and need


  • Landing pages
  • Email performance
  • Tracking and website integration
  • Forms and conversions


  • Contacts and companies database integrity
  • Lead scoring

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